As Tetik Law Firm, we are a law firm that follows and adopts the legal systems changing correlatively with the constantly changing and improving world. By doing this, we are not only trying to solve an issue that has occurred, but also following a path towards preventing issues that we might encounter later on.
Tetik Law aims to help its clients with its staff of consultants specializing in many different fields of law and works in accordance with the constantly improving world. By embarking on the legal problems of the clients, we conduct a result-oriented attorney relation in order to ensure that they make the right decisions in accordance with their legal needs.
Tetik law provides service in the areas of Corporate and Commercial Law, Labor and Social Security Law, Bankruptcy Law, Law of Obligations, Construction and Real Estate Law, Family Law, Health Law and Consumer Law. As patient, careful, consistent, and expert consultants we aim to provide our clients with the most qualified service.


Our Team

İdil Tetik

  • Lawyer Idil Tetik,
    Upon graduating from Ankara Keçiören Fatih Sultan Mehmet English Intensive High School, she has completed her undergraduate education at Marmara University Faculty of Law.
  • Since 2006, she has been serving mainly in the fields of Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Enforcement Bankruptcy Law, Law of Obligations, Family Law, Health Law. She was a registered lawyer in Istanbul Law Society Association and acted as a deputy for many corporate firms until 2013.
  • With her 15 years of professional experience, she is currently the legal advisor of many companies all over Turkey. Currently, she is studying for her master’s degree at Dokuz Eylül University and continues her law practice as a registered lawyer in İzmir Law Society Association.

Büşra Cesur

  • Lawyer Büşra Cesur,  
    She started her undergraduate education at Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 2016 and graduated in 2020 with honors. Upon her graduation, she has started her legal internship at İzmir Law Society Association.
  • During her education, she participated in various academic programs. She is continuing to improve herself in the fields of Commercial Law, Law of Obligations, Labor Law, Family Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law. She continues her master’s degree in the department of private law at Dokuz Eylül University.