Consumer Law is a legal discipline aiming the protection of economic interests, health and safety of consumers. Due to the growing e-commerce and online sales that are constantly improving today, the “Consumer Law” appears to be a crucial concept. This law discipline legally protects the consumer who has been victimized due to the product and service he has purchased. Lawyers serve the consumer in the production of solutions related to the issue. Issues covered under consumer law are:

  • The evaluation of consumer demands and the creation on solutions
  • Filing lawsuits in Consumer courts and monitoring the cases
  • Preparation of subscription agreements
  • Lawsuits for compensation for damage suffered by the consumer as a result of defective goods
  • Elimination of disputes in Consumer Arbitration Committee
  • Preparation of distance sales contracts
  • Conduction of magistrate negotiations between the buyer and seller
  • Vacation and tour contract cases
  • Cases related to disputes arising over the exercise of the right of withdrawal
  • Contracts of sale in installments
  • Unfair terms contained in consumer contracts
  • Conveyance of Consumer Law legislation
  • Tracking credit card transaction fees
  • Commercial advertising and unfair commercial practices
  • Compliance with consumer legislation

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