Family Law is a legal discipline that deals with all issues related to the concept of family and is regulated according to the “Turkish Civil Code”. Family law covers all issues related to family relations such as engagement, marriage, divorce, custody, alimony, charity alimony, property sharing, adoption, curatorship and family relations. For this reason, this legal discipline can sometimes be defined as “marriage law”.

“Family Law”, which has an important place for Turkish society, protects all the rights of individuals in a family, starting out with pursuing a safe life, and prevents victimization incidents that may occur later on. Thus, it ensures the creation of a safe and peaceful environment

Family Law essentially deals with disputes and problems that may arise on issues such as engagement, marriage, divorce and child custody. Regardless of what the reason for the divorce is, the case is considered within the framework of the Family Courts. If there is no Family Court in the place of residence, these cases can be seen in the Courts of First Instance Law.

Since the goods regime ends in divorce, the sharing of goods is possible only with the finalization of the divorce. Therefore, divorce cases are made a stalling cause in liquidation cases. The Court charged with the liquidation of the property regime is also the Family court.

In general, the issues that lawyers offer support within the scope of family law are;

  • Engagement
  • Marriage
  • Joint life outside of marriage
  • Divorce
  • Children’s rights (regardless of whether it is extramarital or not)
  • Women’s rights
  • Domestic violence
  • Child Abduction and Abuse
  • Surrogate motherhood
  • Affiliation

However, since the issues are scattered in a fairly wide range, they can also be moved to different legal units in some cases when necessary.

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