Labor and Social Security Law expresses how the rights owned by the employer and the employee can be used mutually in legal terms. In this branch of law, rights and obligations accordingly originated from the contracts between the employer and the employee are regulated. Its main purpose is to ensure their social security, protecting the rights of the employer and the employee. It is examined in 3 main topics: individual, collective and social security law.

Nowadays, the concept of business life is moving more towards institutionalization. From this point of view, Labor and Social Security Law has become vital and has ensured the achievement of positive results for employees. The Labor and Social Security Law, the most essential principle of which is the “protection of the worker”, guarantees the rights of the worker to collective bargaining, strikes, minimum working conditions and organization with this principle.

The elements related to the entire working life of the employee are regulated by this branch of law. This branch of law deals with such issues as recruitment – dismissal and return to work procedures, preparation of workplace regulations and employment contracts, occupational accidents, severance pay, employer change, transfer of the workplace, bonus and premium payments and defense claim letters. Law firms advise their clients on the successful execution of processes within the scope of Labor and Social Security Law.

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