Being a branch of private law, the Law of Obligations examines debtor-creditor relations that occur between equals. In private law, the “Law of Obligations” is the basis for the law of obligations and regulates debt relations in the field of law of obligations.

In terms of private law, the debt relation is defined as a legal bond between two parties called the debtor and the creditor, where the debtor is obliged to act (execute) against the creditor, and the creditor can demand the fulfillment of this behavior from the debtor (can demand performance). The subjects included in this legal discipline are:

  • Unfair Acquisition
  • Tort Law
  • Contracts
  • Special Cases of Debt Relationship
  • Payment of Debts (Performance)
  • Non-Payment of Debts (Non-performance)
  • Obligations Arising from Legal Treatment and Contracts
  • The Quash of Debts

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