The Real Estate Law, included in the Civil Law concept, covers the legal rules for immovables such as land, apartment, house and flat. From this point of view, land title cases, rental cases, lawsuits for dissolution of partnership, remuneration cases and expropriation cases are among the issues related to this branch of law. This branch of law is an important part of Property Law. Their cases are usually seen in the “Courts of First Instance Law” and are formed by the cases filed in the court in the places where the real estate is located. As stated in Article 12 of the Code of Civil Procedure, in cases related to the real right on the immovable or that may lead to a change in the ownership of the real right, and in the cases regarding the possession of the immovable or the right of retention, the court where the real estate is located is the definitive authority. As with any branch of law, there are important legal regulations in this area. Therefore, it is important to contact an expert lawyer in this field in order not to cause any further rights losses and not to delay the provision of the right.

Topics regarding Real Estate Law that lawyers offer support:

  • Title deeds
  • Preparation of purchase and sale contracts
  • Determination of the rental price
  • Eviction cases
  • Cases related to the increase of the rental price
  • Acquisition of property by foreigners
  • Work contracts, contracts of establishment of personal rights in kind
  • Inspection of the compliance of the projects related to zoning with environmental legislation
  • Real estate financing review
  • Elimination of partnership
  • Correction of corrupt registration
  • Regulation and supervision of mortgage contracts
  • Protection of possession
  • Constraint of the intervention
  • Right-of-way cases

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